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Martin is a film maker and composer with Swiss and Czech origin. In 2019, he directed his first feature documentary "Cody - the dog days are over". Alongside he scores films, looking back at 20 years of experience. His works include - amongst others - i.e. the award winning feature "The Sandman" by Peter Luisi or "The forgotten" by Daria Onyshenko, world premiere at Warsaw Film Festival 2019.

In 2018, Martin founded Zurich based film production company Buzzinho Codestar Productions, co-producing "Cody - the dog days are over", "Ala Kachuu"  and others.

Since 2022, Martin also signs responsible as head of program directing documentaries for the foundation for professional training in cinema and audiovisual media FOCAL.

Martin ist Filmemacher und Filmkomponist mit schweizerischen und tschechischen Wurzeln. 2019 führte er bei dem Kino-Dokumentarfilm "Cody - the dog days are over" erstmals Regie. Gleichzeitig komponiert er Filmmusik, mit über 20 Jahren Erfahrung. Seine Arbeiten reichen von preisgekrönten Filmen wie "Der Sandmann" von Peter Luisi bis "Die Vergessenen" von Daria Onyshenko, der 2019 am Warsaw Film Festival Permiere feierte.

2006 war Martin Mitbegründer des Komponisten-Kollektivs "Triplet Studios", in welchem die Musiken für verschiedene Kinofilme, sowie TV-Filme, Fernsehserien und Dokuementarfilme entsanden.

2018 gründete Martin die Filmproduktionsfirma Buzzinho Codestar Productions mit Sitz in Zürich, mit der er den Film "Cody - the dog days are over" koproduzierte.

Seit 2022 ist Martin zudem Programmverantwortlicher Regie Dokumentarfilm bei Stiftung Weiterbildung Film & Audiovision FOCAL.

FILMOGRAPHY (subjective selection)

Alles über Martin Suter - ausser die Wahrheit
Locarno official selection.png
2022 / Composer
Poster5_DEFDEF_mit Laurel.jpg
Wie der Wind dreht / As the tide turns
2022 / Director, Producer, Composer
im 31 Wettbewerb FILMKUNSTFEST sw.png
Official Selection_IDIF22.png
Ala Kachuu Artwork.jpg
2020 / Composer
B1_Cody-d_mitLogo Zff.jpg
2019 / Director, Producer, Composer

The romanian stray dog Cody changes the life of a young family after being adopted to Switzerland. His behaviour makes them start to think about the existential questions in terms of how we as humans treat animals in general. 

Are we capable to give animals rights? What would it mean if we’d decided to do so? Would it have an effect on the most crucial topics of our time: environmental responsibility, climate change, etc.? And, what will happen in front of our eyes if Cody and his former stray dog companion Blanche will meet again in London? What will they decide?

2019 / Composer / Directed by Daria Onyshenko
Forgotten_Warsaw FF.png

Nina, 30, a Ukrainian language teacher who can't leave the city of Luhansk, occupied by separatists in Eastern Ukraine, is forced to undergo retraining courses for teaching Russian. Andrii, 17, is a student who was orphaned in the aftermath of the war. They cross paths when Nina witnesses Andrii being arrested by the police after hanging the Ukrainian flag from the roof of his school. Nina knows that because they live in a world of injustice and lies Andrii can stay in jail for a long time, and she risks her life to free him. As they gravitate towards each other, they try to remind people in the occupied territories that they deserve a future, too.

2012 / Composer / Directed by Peter Luisi

One fine morning, Benno finds sand in his bed. While he tries to ignore this at first, he soon must realize that he himself is loosing the sand. Day after day the sand increases and soon his time literally starts running short. Finally he is left no choice but to ask Sandra for help, who runs a small coffee shop under his apartment. Although Benno hates her with a passion, he started having dreams of her every night. What could Sandra and the dreams have to do with the sand?

Schweizer Helden.jpg
2014 / Composer / Directed by Peter Luisi
Schweizer Helden Loc.jpg

In order to win the respect of her friends and family, divorced housewife Sabine decides to perform Wilhelm Tell with a group of Asylum seekers in the Swiss mountains.

2016 / Composer / Directed by Judith Lichtneckert

In 1976 a three year boy, Bae Suk, along with other South Korean children, landed at Zurich Airport on a no return flight from Seoul. Bae Suk settles with a foster family near Basel and receives a new name, Mischa. Mischa integrates successfully into his new surroundings, but often feels like a stranger. For the next three decades Mischa suppresses all thoughts about his adoption and Korean origin. However at 35 Mischa is gripped with a strong curiosity and desire to fill in the missing gaps of his lost Korean identity. He realizes that there is a lot to find out. With his parents name printed on his adoption papers and the help of the adoption agency he discovers he has a sister who already tried to contact him in 1992. Mischa is now completely intrigued and determined to follow these clues to his past. He quits his job and flat and emigrates to South Korea. A journey into the unknown begins.

Rider Jack.jpg
2015 / Composer / Directed by This Lüscher

RIDER JACK - Jack is afraid of remembering, his father of forgetting.

Le Voyageur.jpg
2016 / Composer / Directed by Timo von Gunten
Max Ophüls.jpg

A transcendent journey of a girl and her dead father.

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